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Click here to view a sample of the digital edition of the Biblical Recorder now. 
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Did you know you can read the print edition of the Biblical Recorder in an online, digital format? The digital edition is an exact replica of the printed copy and is only available with a paid subscription.

There are two ways to get the digital edition. First, if you have a paid subscription to the print edition of the Biblical Recorder, there is no additional charge for the digital. Simply:
  1. Obtain your account number and zip code from the mailing label on the Biblical Recorder you receive in the mail.
  2. Follow this link to set up your account using account number and zip code.
  3. Create a login and password.

If you are not a subscriber to the print edition, you can subscribe only to the digital edition. Click here to subscribe to the digital Biblical Recorder. You have options to subscribe for one year ($5.99), two years ($10.99) or three years ($14.99). Obviously, the three-year subscription is a great deal!

Some churches are receiving a bundle of Recorders every two weeks through the bulk plan. We have a special offer for you. For every bulk order of five or more printed copies to the church address, we will give you one free annual subscription for the digital edition. If your church receives ten copies of the printed Recorder, you will get two digital subscriptions. To arrange for your free digital subscriptions, please contact Liz.

The best deal is to subscribe to the printed Biblical Recorder and get the digital online version at no additional cost. This is available through individual subscriptions or through church plans when the Recorder is mailed to individuals rather than the bulk plan. Click here to subscribe to both the print and digital online Biblical Recorder.

For assistance with either the printed Biblical Recorder or the digital online edition, please contact our circulation manager, Liz Tablazon, by email or by phone at 919-459-5693. If you prefer, you may mail your check to Biblical Recorder, P.O. Box 1185, Cary, NC 27512. We look forward to serving you.