BSC 2018 Annual Meeting
The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina annual meeting is Nov. 5-6, 2018, at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. Below you will find coverage leading up to the meeting that you might find useful.

2018 BSC
2018 annual meeting theme: 'Who is my neighbor?'
3 things to know about breakout sessions
Harrison withdraws BSC presidential bid; Barrett to nominate Scoggins
Other events appeal to annual meeting participants
Vote early since voting day falls during the annual meeting
Breakout sessions
Committee on Nominations
Resolution in Appreciation for the Life of Billy Graham
Ronnie Parrott to be nominated as Pastors' Conference president
BSC board approves amended $31M budget proposal
Milton Hollifield: Unite together in prayer this October
Milton Hollifield: And who is my neighbor?
Milton Hollifield: Give thanks and pray for godly leaders
Current BSC officers bow out of upcoming elections
Budget proposal includes increase to SBC
Pardue to be nominated N.C. Baptist 1st VP
Brindley to be BSC 1st VP candidate
Ledbetter to be nominated N.C. Baptist 2nd VP
Harrison to be nominated for BSC president
N.C. Baptists ask, 'Who is my neighbor?'
N.C. Pastors' Conference announces 2018 theme, speakers

N.C. Pastors' Conference columns
These columns are part of a series on the theme of the 2018 North Carolina Pastors’ Conference, “7 Churches of Revelation.” This year’s event will occur Nov. 4-5 in conjunction with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s annual meeting. Visit for more information. Each column in the series is written by a different N.C. leader and refers to one of the seven churches in Revelation.
1. Ephesus: Have we lost our first love?
2. Smyrna: The poor church that was rich
3. Pergamum: No compromises
4. Thyatira: a call to church discipline
5. Sardis: be watchful
6. Philadelphia: finish the race
7. coming soon