N.C. List of Authors



The Biblical Recorder recognized that there are many published authors in North Carolina Baptist churches. We cannot write full book reviews on so many books, so we invited authors to submit information about their book(s). We believe others will find help, wisdom, encouragement, comfort and challenge through the writings of fellow Baptists.

Due to space requirements, we limited the PDF list below to books published in the years 2012-2014. Authors are required to be members of churches that cooperate with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. We are pleased to share this list of 80 books submitted to us, including a summary by each author. The writers are pastors, church staff, seminary professors and lay persons. Some books are fiction. Others are doctrinal, cultural challenges, devotional, personal stories, biographical, commentaries and sermons.
The Biblical Recorder publishes this list of North Carolina authors as a courtesy and does not imply any endorsement of the authors or the content of their publication(s).

To download the N.C. List of Authors (PDF), click here.