Explore the Bible Lesson for April 29- Christianity 105- Manage Money Well
April 12 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passage: Luke 13:22-17:10
A pastor told the story of a well-to-do man in his community who came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. On the day that he was to be baptized, as he was stepping into the water, he suddenly stopped and said, “Wait, I’ll be right back.” The pastor said the man went back and grabbed his wallet. Money had been his god, and now he wanted to submit all to Christ.
Money is a great servant but a terrible master. Too often we allow money to become the controlling agent of our lives.
Turn on the news and you are bombarded by reports on the economy. If we are not careful we will allow the economy to establish and control our thoughts.
We will be looking to the economy for our future security. Who we look to for our future security often is a glimpse into where we really place our trust.
Does our view expose us as “professing” Christians while being “practicing” pagans?
Much of our unrest and uncertainty about the future stems from where our foundational trust is located. If our hope for tomorrow comes from our bank accounts, IRA’s, 401k’s and other economic sources, we will be constantly fearful. If it rests on the solid rock of Christ – we have confidence in the future.
Someone has said that you can tell where a person’s true heart is by looking at his calendar and checkbook. Where do we spend our time and money? Is it to pursue making more money? Is our goal to have one dollar more? Do we spend it all on ourselves and what we want out of life?
How much time and money do we spend reaching out, touching and helping those in need?
Jesus spoke more about money than He did about heaven and hell. Could it be He did this because we are so focused on money in place of what counts for eternity?
When we give account for ourselves before God (Romans 14:12), what will we say? Will the ledgers show that we helped or hoarded? Think about it.
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