Explore the Bible Lesson for September 1: God Revealed
August 15 2013 by Sherra Still, writer, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passages: John 1:1-5, 9-14, 16-18
How do you show appreciation for someone? There are so many ways from which to choose. You can give gifts, words of encouragement or demonstrate appreciation through service and loyalty. As a wife and as a mom to five children, I have six special people that I like to show appreciation to on a daily basis. Through almost 25 years of marriage and children growing into young adults, it has been fascinating to learn the best ways to show appreciation to each one. I am also aware that we have the privilege to show appreciation to Jesus, each and every day. John 1 provides a beautiful, strong description of Jesus. He is the Word, the light and the revelation of God!

Knowing Jesus is the Word, has always been there and that all “things were created through Him,” is such an encouragement to us as we appreciate His creation. Recently in social media, I have seen a beautiful picture of a double rainbow and adorable pictures of twins. Both these families praised Jesus for the gifts in their lives. How can we not smile and thank Jesus for what He has created?
As Jesus entered this world, in bodily form, He came as the light to the world. Light is a gift as it reveals truth and the deeds of darkness and righteousness. We need light and can thank Jesus daily for what He allows us to see. 
We can also show appreciation to Jesus for being the revelation of God to us. We demonstrate gratitude for how He has revealed himself when we share a testimony. Our pastor will periodically provide a time to share testimonies during the Wednesday night prayer meeting. At first, some were shy about sharing, but when we all began to see a testimony as an opportunity to share our gratitude for what Jesus has done, we wanted to jump up and share often! So, how can you show gratitude today for who Jesus is in your life?
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