Explore the Bible Lesson for August 24: Live to Win in the End
August 12 2014 by Rob Pochek, senior pastor, Raleigh Road Baptist Church, Wilson

Focal Passage: Daniel 7:7-18
I have two hobbies that clash: watching NASCAR and riding a motorcycle. They clash because racing (typically) occurs on a Sunday afternoon, which happens to be a great time to ride. So, I’ve begun recording races while I go ride. This, too, has a risk: someone text-ing me about the winner of the race before I watch it. My reaction to such a text is telling. If I get a text, and my favorite driver has won, I still watch the race. But, if a driver I do not care for won, I do not watch it. Apparently, if I think the outcome of the race is good, I watch the recording with joy, anticipating my driver’s victory.
In Daniel 7 we read about a vision given to Daniel of things to come. This section of scripture is a key portion of biblical eschatology and has been pored over meticulously by scholars. Yet, there is still significant disagreement as to Daniel’s precise meaning and the timing of the events. Rather than attempt to revisit all of the various theories, let’s focus on what this passage teaches clearly. 
First, verses 7-8 describe a great beast that devours and crushes its victims. It is a terrifying, powerful and frightening. These verses remind us that evil will persist until the consummation.
Immediately after we are introduced to the fearsome beast, we are reminded (v. 9-12) God is the ultimate judge. A beast that puts panic in the hearts of people is no match for the God of the universe. What a great comfort! Rather than fret about which world leader might be the anti-Christ, we can rest in the confidence that every living being is under the authority of God. Rather than worry about the details of the end times, Daniel 7:13-14 remind us that the Lord Jesus was given authority and dominion over all peoples and that His kingdom will never be destroyed. Therefore, we can serve Him with confidence, regardless of the circumstances that may occur around us. All of the kingdoms of this world will eventually go into the dustbin of history (Dan 7:15-18), but not the Kingdom of Christ. His is an eternal Kingdom. So, let’s live our lives with joy, knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ has won!

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