Explore the Bible Lesson for August 30: The Final Act
August 13 2015 by Michael Wilkes, pastor, New Life Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal Passage: Revelation 21:1-7
Spoiler alert! – It’s what a true friend should say before giving details important to the ending of a movie you haven’t seen or book you haven’t read.

Most of us don’t want to know the ending ahead of time. Of course, there are always those who read the last chapter first – the same ones who feel they must try to figure out what their gifts are before it’s time to open them. 
You don’t need a spoiler alert before you read about the perfect new heaven and new earth in the presence of Jesus with no more pain, sorrow, suffering or death. In these final chapters of our Bible, God tells us how our struggle with sin and Satan will end if we trust in Jesus. Because our struggles are real and sometimes extremely difficult, we need this glimpse of the end.
A boxer who doesn’t think he can defeat his opponent almost certainly will not. He must be prepared for the fight and be convinced that he has what it takes to win. God knows this about our nature because He created us. Though your adversary is a much bigger and stronger opponent that you, God has given you all the equipment you need for the battle.
In Christ, He gives you the armor of God to stand against the devil. He empowers you with His Spirit, and He consistently reminds you in Scripture that our foe has already been defeated.
We must remember that the end has already been written. Victory over Satan is not just possible, it is guaranteed if we trust in Christ. As many preachers have said, “We are not just fighting for victory. We are fighting from victory!”
This view of the end reminds us – as we incur wounds amid the conflict of our life – “that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18). That is, of course, if we keep fighting and keep trusting in Jesus.

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