Explore the Bible Lesson for September 3: Reluctance
August 22 2017 by Casey Short, pastor, Reddicks Grove Baptist Church, Williamston

Focal Passage: Exodus 3:4-14; 4:13-16
Little Susie gazes at the pack of German Shepherd puppies to decide which one she’ll take home as a pet.
“That one, Mom,” she said, pointing. “She’s the prettiest.”
The nearby law enforcement officer shopping for a sidekick, however, locks in on another pup.
He thinks, “This one isn’t much to look at, but he stands a little taller than the rest. He has a knack for herding and sometimes heading off the others. He’s also adept at getting the most milk when feeding. One day, with the proper training, he will make a fine police dog.”
Each master looks for skills and characteristics that align with the purposes of their companion. But in either case, each pup will need training to make them capable of fulfilling their tasks.
Moses, like the alpha pup, possesses the skillset to confront Pharaoh and to deliver the Israelites from bondage. Raised as a prince of Egypt, and now working as a shepherd, he is well acquainted with confronting the enemy and herding the masses toward safety.
But without the calling and empowerment of the Master on his life, he possesses neither the desire nor the ability to do so. Even then, his reluctance to accept God’s call nearly cripples him. Yet, God reassures Moses by rooting the mission in His own person, presence, purpose and power.
God’s providence has positioned each of us to obey the Great Commission in our given contexts. Thusly, He calls each of us to perform a specific task in the kingdom work.
Whatever God has asked us to do, we can rest assured that He will be with us and that He will give us the help we need to accomplish that task. When we are tempted to resist the call, we need only remind ourselves of the person, presence, purpose and power of God in our lives. Philippians 2:13 says, “For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure” (NASB).
Remember that “His good pleasure” is our one overarching purpose, and like Moses, when all is accomplished, we will “worship God at this mountain” for all eternity.

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