Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Aug. 18: Remember God’s Faithfulness
August 6 2019 by Randy Mann, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal passage: 2 Chronicles 16:1-13
How easily we forget! Every Monday morning, the trash collectors come to my house to get our trash. You would think with that being a weekly occurrence, it would be easy enough to remember. Yet I still forget. While that is a fairly simple and insignificant example, it can remind us of how easily we forget and the importance of being diligent to remember bigger, more obvious things – in particular, to remember God’s faithfulness.
Israel, the people of God, were notorious forgetters. They would see God at work doing great things in their midst and then immediately forget God’s goodness and faithfulness as soon as the next challenge would arise. We clearly see this pattern as they left Egypt. It is no wonder that the whole book of Deuteronomy largely consists of God’s call to His people to “remember” Him as they are going in to possess the land He promised to give them.
King Asa had experienced God’s power and faithfulness. He had seen God give Judah victory over enemy forces that were much more numerous and powerful. And yet, when King Baasha of Israel came against him, rather than turning to His all-powerful and all-faithful God, he instead resorted to bribing an enemy king for assistance. God even, in His grace, confronted Asa by means of the prophet, Hanani. Rather than responding in humility and confession, Asa responded in stubbornness and pride.
Lest we too quickly throw rocks at Asa, we need to remember how easily we forget. We shouldn’t have to think very hard to remember a particular demonstration of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. I immediately remember a specific occurrence of His financial provision for our family while in seminary by means of an unexpected check. Most of all, God has demonstrated His grace and faithfulness through sending Jesus as Savior, just as He promised He would do. I pray I will remember, and walk in light of, His faithfulness when new challenges arise. I pray you will too! He is faithful. We can trust Him. May we never forget His faithfulness.

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