Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Aug. 25: Leave a Legacy
August 8 2019 by Randy Mann, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal passage: 2 Chronicles 17:1-13
Presidents are burdened by it, but not only presidents. Pastors and parents, business leaders and baseball players – they will all leave a legacy.
The question is not whether or not we will leave a legacy, but rather what kind of legacy we will leave.
The way we live our lives matters. Our lives have an impact. Sometimes that impact is obvious; other times less so. But there is an impact nonetheless.
When I hear the word legacy, I immediately think of two men.
One is Jimmy Dean. He was my childhood pastor. It was under his ministry that God made my calling clear.
The other is Bill Bowyer. He was my pastor for four years while I was in seminary. I then had the joy of serving under him for almost 10 years. God used both of those men to profoundly shape who I am today – as a Christian, husband, father and pastor.
After King Asa of Judah died, his son, Jehoshaphat, became king. While Jehoshaphat had, no doubt, seen the tragic end of his father’s life and his failure to trust God completely, he had also seen the beginning of his father’s leadership where his trust in God was evident and God’s power and faithfulness were clearly shown.
Thankfully, Jehoshaphat chose the path of following Asa’s earlier example – and David’s before him – of walking closely with God in faith and obedience. He continued that legacy.
In many ways, our true legacy is seen in the actions of those who follow after us. Did they see in us a committed faithfulness to love, obey, and serve Jesus to the extent that they committed their lives to doing the same?
Are you living by faith in, and love for, Jesus Christ, illustrated by obedience to Him? Will your lasting legacy be a line of committed followers of Jesus who saw Jesus in you?

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