Explore the Bible Lesson for Aug. 25: Living to Do
August 8 2019 by Chris Hefner, pastor, Wilkesboro Baptist Church

Focal Passage: Titus 3:1-11
The other week our family was on vacation. My idea of vacation is to relax, read a book or take afternoon naps. My boys’ idea of vacation is to go and do. “Dad, can we do this? Dad, can we go here? Dad, what are we doing next?” We made time to go and do as well as time to rest and relax. Our spiritual lives are like this. We need time to pause, pray and rest spiritually. That’s why we are supposed to set aside the first day of the week for worship and spiritual rejuvenation.
Jesus both rested and worshiped. But our Christian faith must also be active. Jesus healed the sick, ministered to the downcast and preached the gospel. Paul echoes Jesus’ ministry when writing to his protégé, Titus. We have been saved, not by our righteousness but by his mercy (Titus 3:5). Yet, we have been saved for good works (Titus 3:8). Good works don’t result in salvation, but salvation should always lead to good works.
Our faith should be alive, active and engaging. Good works looks like: comforting a bereaved family through a meal; counseling a young mother-to-be at a crisis pregnancy clinic; volunteering at a local food bank; sharing necessities with the less fortunate locally through mission partners or globally on a mission trip.
The good works we can engage in are nearly limitless. When our good works are the fruit of the gospel, they provide opportunities for others to experience the love of Christ and hear the message of Christ.
You are alive. Christ gave you this new life that you have. What are you going “to do” with it to share his love and gospel with others?

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