Bible Studies for Life lesson for Dec- 28- Wanted- Missionaries
December 19 2008 by Sharon Johnson Pond, Founder of Other Side Jamaica and author

Focal Passage: Acts 13:1-3; 14:26-27; 26:15-19; Galatians 2:6-10

When John and I were new missionaries in Rwanda, Africa, a young woman who would be working with us said, “My people know that you love them because you are learning our language, and not making us try to speak yours.”

It takes a lot of time, money, and hard work for adults to learn another language, or in some cases, two or three. Yet, as my young Rwanda friend put it so well, look at the love shown when that effort is made. Long-term missionaries live out their Christian witness daily, showing Christ’s love consistently to the people with whom they live and work.

I am still in awe of those who answer God’s call to be career missionaries, as I have been since I first heard of missionaries when I was a Sunbeam (remember Sunbeams?). I am in awe of those here at home, the parents and grandparents, who let go of their sons and daughters called to be long-term missionaries. I will always praise and thank God for those who go and those who let go.

For this reason, I found it very difficult for me to learn that I am hypocritical. God has put a love of England in my son’s heart, as He has put a love for the Jamaican people in mine, and love for French-speaking Quebec, Canada in John’s heart.

One day, as Marcus (our son) was excitedly looking up churches in England, I thought, what if God is calling Marcus to be a missionary to England!

Marcus is pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in West Chowan Baptist Association, where his dad is the director of missions, and I am Marcus’ secretary. As you can see, we three work very closely together, and the thought of Marcus being called someplace far away, made me panic.

Then I realized that one of my fervent desires is to see Marcus following his Savior’s leading no matter where that may be. I also know when that happens, God will be with me as He was with my mother, and with John’s parents when we were called to Africa.

I will continue to pray that my Heavenly Father calls laborers for His harvest, even if that laborer is my son.

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