Bible Studies for Life Lesson for January 1- Thriving in a Fast-Food Culture
December 20 2011 by Wayne Proctor, pastor, Eure Baptist Church

Focal Passages: Prov. 23:20-21; Daniel 1:8, 11-16; Rom. 13:12-14
In 2004 actor Morgan Spurlock produced a documentary entitled “Supersize Me.” For 30 days Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s restaurant foods, with many of these meals being supersized portions. Can you imagine eating 90 McDonald’s meals? The healthy 32-year-old Spurlock gained 24.5 pounds and increased his body mass by 13 percent. As a result of his increased weight, loss of muscle, and increasingly sluggish arteries, he experienced a dramatic loss of energy and noticeable mood swings. It took him 14 months to lose the weight and regain muscle tone. There is no doubt that obesity is epidemic in America today, which was the point of doing the documentary. The saying “you are what you eat” has much truth to it.
Good health is a biblical issue. One finds in the life of Daniel the exact opposite of Spurlock’s experiment. Daniel and his friends had been taken into exile in Babylon. They were chosen to serve in the king’s court because of their youth and vigor and intelligence. But Daniel drew the line regarding what he put into his body.
When presented with the fatty foods and alcoholic beverages of the royal court, Daniel abstained. He asked permission to eat only vegetables and drink water for 10 days to prove that the Hebrews’ diet was healthier. His request was granted, and his test succeeded. From that time forward, Daniel and his Hebrew friends were allowed to eat and drink according to their traditions and conscience. Being healthy was one of the reasons Daniel excelled as a leader.
Likewise King Solomon and the Apostle Paul identified the dangers of indulgence. Not only was it unhealthy to be gluttonous or drunken, it was a poor witness to one’s faith. Paul encouraged the Christians to put on the “armor of light.” This was a call to reflect Jesus in everyday living. While we Baptists might prefer potluck dinners or “buffets” to “vegan,” there is something to be said for eating healthy. Bon appétit!
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