Explore the Bible Lesson for January 8- Stay Focused on the Goal
December 21 2011 by Randy Mann, minister of education and evangelism, Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focal Passage: Numbers 32:1, 5-8, 16-18, 20-24; 33:51-53
When I read through this passage, I did not expect to have a musical flashback to a Disney movie. But, that is exactly what happened. As I pictured in my mind the request of the tribes of Reuben and Gad, and then Moses’ subsequent response, I must admit, one of the songs from Disney’s movie High School Musical came to mind – “We’re All in This Together.”
Moses interpreted the request of the Reubenites and Gadites as a statement of their desire to avoid participating in the taking of the land of promise. The leaders of these tribes very quickly dispelled this idea, strongly declaring their readiness to participate in the conquest alongside their brothers, while maintaining their personal request for a certain provision of land.
While thinking about this exchange, I could not help but think about God’s grand plan of redemption and our part in it. God is now working toward the end goal of the final establishment of His kingdom, where His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven – the end toward which Jesus taught us to pray.
With the first coming of Christ, this kingdom is, in a sense, “already.” That is, Christ ushered in the kingdom, which is being built and established now in and through the lives of those who know and follow Him. In another sense, however, that kingdom reality is “not yet” – awaiting final fulfillment as Christ returns to overthrow the powers of darkness and establish His rule and reign forever among His people.
Between now and then, we, as the people of God are “All in This Together.” We do not seek or serve our own wills and desires. Instead, we stay focused on the goal of serving our King and the advancement of His kingdom. This does not mean that we are not concerned for our individual needs and desires, but it does mean that our own needs and desires are always viewed as secondary when compared to the pursuit of the God-given task of serving together with His people for the sake of His glory.
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