Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Jan- 6- Nahum- A Message of God-s Judgment
December 20 2012 by Bartley Wooten, senior pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church, Beulaville

Focal Passages: Nahum 1:7-9, 12-13; 2:8-13; 3: 18-19
Many Americans believe we should live in an entitlement society – a place where the government guarantees the rights to certain benefits, regardless of a person’s actions or circumstances.
This entitlement mentality has crept into our religious climate as well. Many people believe that God owes them something regardless of how they live. They assume God is only a God of love and consequently will only hand out blessings regardless of their actions or deeds.
However, this is not the case according to scripture. In the Book of Nahum, we find a message of God’s judgment to a city that had been morally corrupt for many years. The city was Nineveh and was known as one of the most evil places in Assyria. For years, Nineveh committed terrible atrocities on various nations surrounding the Southern Kingdom and even defeated several towns located within Judah’s borders. When Nahum prophesied of Nineveh’s fall it assured Judah that God is always faithful and would hold the wicked nation accountable for its sin.
God has not changed. The same God that pronounced and executed judgment on Nineveh is the same God today. Too often, we see what is happening overseas and in our own country and we assume God will have mercy on us, even though we transgress His laws and disobey His Word. Nahum serves as a reminder that God will not be mocked and, unless true repentance occurs, we, along with many other nations, will face His righteous judgment.
I heard a pastor once preach on how many people God killed in the Bible. He thought as he prepared for the sermon that his view of God might be diminished. But after careful study of the scripture, he came to the conclusion that God should have killed us all.
You see, the reality is that God does owe us something. He owes us His just condemnation. However, in His mercy, for anyone willing to repent, and by faith trust in Christ alone, God will withhold his judgment. Instead of receiving His wrath we will receive His favor and enjoy Him forever.                    
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