Explore the Bible Lesson for December 22: Celebrate Jesus at Christmas!
December 5 2013 by Sherra Still, writer, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passages: Luke 1:30-35, 38, 46-49; 2:4-7
How do you like to celebrate? I recently celebrated with a friend who told me that the cyst she had was in fact benign. How sweet it is to hug and praise the Lord with a sister in Christ who has seen such a joyous answer to prayer! At Christmas we have so many reasons to celebrate! There are many ways to celebrate Jesus, but in our culture we find the need to be intentional about it. 
One way to celebrate Jesus at Christmas is to find ways to declare who He is to us. It is important to ponder how you can declare the precious name of Jesus in your workplace, while you shop and in our personal Christmas traditions. For example, at work I love to decorate the cabinets above my desk with beautiful Christmas cards that declare the name of Jesus.
People of all faiths come by my desk each day, and I find such joy as they read the cards. During Christmas shopping have you thought about intentionally looking for ways to be a blessing to those around you in the long lines and at the checkout counter? Our personal Christmas traditions might need a little sprucing up to more clearly declare the name of Jesus. 
The reasons abound for celebrating Jesus at the special time of Christmas. Our lesson this week reminds us to appreciate how Jesus came to earth, to praise God for His greatness and to welcome Jesus in all that we do. Let’s spend time reflecting on the fact that Jesus came to earth in such a humble manner and through the miraculous work of God (Luke 1:34-35, 38).
Mary provides a beautiful example of praising God for His greatness, even in the midst of circumstances that would not make sense to anyone in her community and family (Luke 1:46-49). Mary gave birth in difficult circumstances, then gently laid Jesus in a manger as she welcomed Him to life on earth. How can we welcome Jesus into our Christmas celebrations today?
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