Explore the Bible lesson for December 25: Savior Announced
December 13 2016 by Wayne Proctor, pastor, Eure Baptist Church, Eure

Focal Passage: Luke 1:26-38
The Christmas season is the season of miracles, and young Mary needed one. She was six months pregnant, not fully married and totally perplexed about her future. She had more questions than answers: Would Joseph complete his marital vows, or would he send her away? Did she really want to have this baby? Would she have a future?
Her miracle was that God intervened. He sent His messenger angel Gabriel to her with wonderful words of comfort. She was told to rejoice because she was favored by God. The child growing inside her womb was the promised Messiah. A new eternal Kingdom was coming with the birth of her son, Jesus. He would be called the Son of God. After Gabriel’s shocking and amazing announcement, Mary made her peace with God. Yes, she agreed to be God’s servant, and to experience God’s unusual and unexplainable plan for her life.
Anyone who has ever faced a problem without identifiable answers can appreciate Mary’s dilemma. Anyone who has ever experienced God’s intervention in a time of crisis can appreciate Mary’s joy. Sometimes we need to “let go and let God.”
Christmas provides Christians opportunities to help others in need. Perhaps God might be saying, “Be the intervener; be the agent of Good News to someone in your church family or community.” For those who seek to model the humility and compassion of Christ, Christmas can be a time of doing less for ourselves and more for others globally.
Some years ago a church I served was blessed to have a retired Baptist pastor and his wife as members. Malcolm and Jenny Lind Fuller were “salt of the earth” Christians. One of their Christmas traditions was to take the money they might have spent on themselves and give that amount to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Christmas is the season for miracles. God provided for Mary and Joseph, and God will provide for you and yours. Share the best news in the world!

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