Bible Studies for Life Lesson for Feb- 26- Center of My Life
February 13 2012 by Wayne Proctor, pastor, Eure Baptist Church

Focal Passage: Colossians 3:5-10, 14-15, 17-21, 4:5-6
What does it mean to have Jesus Christ as the “center” of your life? In these passages Paul exhorted the Christians at Colossae to have a Christ-centered character, home and witness. As you might imagine, it’s far easier said than done. Josh Hamilton is an example of a man who represents the struggle. 
Josh was born in Raleigh in 1981, and he would later marry a Raleigh girl. Today, however, Josh Hamilton plays baseball for the Texas Rangers. He is recognized as one of the very best major league players. But as a young man, Josh Hamilton came very close to losing out on life. Here is part of his story. In 1999 he was the No. 1 pick in the major league draft. He was paid a $4 million signing bonus by Tampa Bay.
But it wasn’t until 2007 that Josh Hamilton made it as a starter in a major league uniform. Why? With plenty of cash and wanting to enjoy the night-life, Josh began consuming alcohol and various drugs, including crack cocaine. Realizing he was an addict, he vowed he would get clean. Baseball had once been his life, alcohol and drugs had become his life, and Jesus Christ would be the One who would give him a new life and set him on a path of sobriety.
As a testament to his relationship with Christ, Josh Hamilton joined several other well-known professional sports athletes to share his story through video testimonials known as “I Am Second.” Josh knows that he cannot make it through life without Christ being “first” in his life. In 2009, and again recently, Josh relapsed; he admitted he had messed up. His confession was “I can’t have alcohol. I got away from my relationship with Jesus Christ.” He also has help from family and Christian friends, as well as a sponsor. For us who are Christians, that person is the Holy Spirit.
Like Josh, we can’t make it alone.

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