Explore the Bible Lesson for February 15: Return to the Restoring God
February 9 2015 by Randy Mann, lead pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal Passage: Nehemiah 9:32-37
I am a person who is very “directionally challenged” – a real problem for someone who likes to hunt.
On far more than one occasion, I have found myself in the middle of the woods, wondering where I was, how I got there and how I was going to get back to my truck. In order for me to find my way back to my truck, I always had to first come to an accurate assessment of where I was.
Our spiritual lives are much the same. In order for us to return to the place we need to be spiritually, we must first come to an accurate assessment of where we are.
That does not happen by looking at ourselves, but rather by looking at God. When we have a right view of God, we will come to a right view of ourselves and of where we are spiritually.
The people of God had rebelled against God and had suffered the consequences as they ended up separated from the land of promise and living in the land of their enemies. God, in His covenant-keeping love, mercy and grace, had returned this remnant of His people to their land.
In this process, as they heard the word of God and were reminded of God’s character and faithfulness, they once again began to see God clearly.
As that happened, they saw themselves clearly, bringing them to the point of brokenness, confession, repentance and restoration.
The people of God, with their eyes fixed upon Him, quickly saw that God had always been faithful.
If the Israelites had ended up far from Him, it was because they moved away from God, not vice versa.
He will restore His people to fellowship with Him when His people acknowledge their sin, repent and return to Him.
Today, as God’s people, our relationship with Him is secure in Christ.
When we find ourselves in broken fellowship with God because of our sin, the first step is to regain once again a clear understanding of God.
When that happens, we will see the reality of our sin and be drawn to repent and return to Him.

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