Bible Studies for Life Lesson for March 6: Our Need for Contentment
February 23 2016 by Rob Pochek, pastor, Raleigh Road Baptist Church, Wilson

Focal Passage: John 6:26-27, 35-40
I have a confession to make. It is not an earth-shattering confession. It probably will not make the evening news. But, here it is: I do not like liver and onions.
That is why I have never eaten it. I know what you are thinking. How can you say you do not like it if you have never eaten it?
That is a good question. I have had the opportunity to eat it.
I have had people suggest I try it before I pronounce such a harsh judgment on it. Yet, I have resisted.
When I say that I do not like liver and onions, what I mean is that I do not want it. In order to try it, I need to have my tastes adjusted.
My disposition toward liver and onions is very similar to the disposition that some people took toward Jesus during his earthly ministry.
In John 6, we meet a group of people who were not interested in Jesus as much as they were the things He could do for them (John 6:26).
Specifically, He has just fed them with five loaves and two fish (John 6:9-13).
Yet, Jesus makes clear to them that there is a deeper hunger and a more profound thirst that resides in every person. He tells them of a hunger and thirst that can only be filled and quenched by Jesus Himself.
To a crowd asking him to make more bread, He declares that He is the Bread of Life. Literally, He says He is the only One who can truly satisfy their hunger and thirst (John 6:35).
How can someone partake of this Bread? Jesus says they must look to the Son and believe in Him (John 6:40). He also says that this is not something that happens apart from God’s work in the person’s life (John 6:37, 44).
Literally, the Father must change our appetite.
When He does, we find that we long for and desire that which we previously had despised; the Bread of Life that truly, eternally satisfies.

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