Explore the Bible Lesson for March 12: Is Jesus Fully God?
February 21 2017 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church

Focal passage: Matthew 17:1-13
I love watching my children during Christmas time, especially as they open presents. It is very clear which gifts they enjoy over the others.
For example, every year they always get candy in their stockings.
Consequently, when they unload the stocking they spend little time admiring the candy because it is not as valuable to them.
However, one year I snuck a brand new iPhone in my daughter’s stocking.
As she was pulling out the candy, I called her phone with my cell phone, and it started ringing in the stocking.
If you could have only seen her face – her eyes got huge, her mouth dropped, and she started screaming with great joy! She was so excited about her new phone.
Her reaction describes what it means to value something really important.
In our focal passage, Jesus reveals His glory as He was transfigured on the mountain (Matthew 17:1-13). Peter, James and John were privileged to experience this event, and their reaction describes what it means to value something really important.
Peter was so impressed with the divine presentation he was unsure what to do.
He first asked if he and the other two disciples should leave, and then he quickly proposed to build a tent for a longer stay.
A few moments later, scripture records that God the Father spoke to them and, fearing for their lives, the disciples fell on their faces. Jesus comforted the disciples, and as they raised their heads, the whole experience was over.
What was the purpose of this event? Certainly it involved the prophecies of Elijah being the forerunner of the Messiah and being fulfilled in John the Baptist.
But I also believe it was about Jesus allowing the disciples to get a greater glimpse of his glory and greatness.

Through their experience the disciple would come to understand that Jesus shares fully in God’s glory. What a great gift that was for the disciples and it is an even more important gift for you and me today.

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