Explore the Bible Lesson for January 13- Unseal the Indictment!
January 2 2013 by Matt Capps, associate pastor for adult ministries, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem

Focal Passages: Amos 1:1-2; 2:6-8; 3:6-8, 13-15
The book of Amos opens with the prophet delivering a series of oracles proclaiming that no one can escape the consequences of their actions – not Israel (2:6-6:16) or Israel’s neighbors (1:2-2:5). In these first chapters we see a brutally honest portrait of universal justice coming from the omniscient and all-powerful God of the universe. Amos 4 is crystal clear; God is the sovereign King over all creation.

When the prophet unseals God’s indictment against the guilty, one might expect to see judgment visiting the foreign pagan nations. But Amos, as Professor Heath Thomas argues, looks past the whitewash to expose the decay of God’s people underneath. Contrary to all external appearances God’s people were guilty and “ripe” for God’s judgment. Amos proclaims that God’s people cannot do anything right (3:10).
But the good news is that God comes to Israel with both judgment for sin and promises of restoration. Prof. Thomas says God’s judgment is not to irradiate but to reconcile. In a very real sense Israel’s salvation is found through their judgment. As we look back from this side of the cross we read Amos and see very clearly that the judgment and restoration of God’s people anticipates the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Jesus fully consumed the judgment of God for our sin so that we could be restored back to God. The demand for righteousness was fulfilled in Jesus who did everything right! Because of Jesus’ imputed righteousness Christians stand not under God’s wrath, but in the safe shadow of Jesus’ cross. The universal justice of God that we experience in Amos 1-4 is still a haunting reality today, and salvific escape is found only in Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:13–14; Rom. 3:9–31). Unless there is true repentance, no one can escape the judgment of God.
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