Bible Studies for Life Lesson for January 26: How Can I Be Sure God Exists?
January 14 2014 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church, Beulaville

Focal Passage: Psalm 19:1-14
When I was in Romania in 1998 on a mission trip, I learned what it meant to truly value the Word of God. In certain parts of the Romanian evangelical Christian community, if you were a professing believer and had a Bible but did not read it, I was told that it could be taken away from you and given to someone who would read it.
When I contrast that with the Christian culture in America today, there is sufficient reason why belief in God is no longer assumed or even valued in our country.
The psalmist can assist us in this area. In Psalm 19, David helps us understand that God has revealed Himself to us in creation and also through His revealed Word.
We learn that there are wonderful benefits in God’s law – benefits such as the way to salvation, purity, joy, wisdom, truth and righteousness (v. 7-9). In fact, the Word of God is more valuable than the most opulent lifestyle one can imagine (v. 10).
However, the truth of David’s words would be difficult to prove based on the actions of many believers in America. I have often asked if I were taken in front of a judge and made to give proof that I was a believer based on how often I read my Bible, would there be enough evidence to convict me? How about you?
If we affirm Psalm 19, there should be certain characteristics in our lives that we exhibit on a daily basis. Like the psalmist, we should pray that sin would not have dominion over us resulting in living an upright and blameless life (v. 13).
We must understand that the Bible was not given to us just for intellectual acknowledgement of the existence of God. It is also meant to transform our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, giving greater clarity to God’s redeeming work. So, as you strive to read through the Bible this year, seek to apply its truth to your life. I promise you, it will make all the difference in the world – literally.      
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