Explore the Bible Lesson for January 19: Value Every Life
January 2 2014 by Sherra Still, writer, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passages: Psalm 139:1-10, 13-16, 23-24
We take a brief detour from the Gospel of John to the book of Psalms this week in order to observe the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.
Many churches set aside this Lord’s Day in a special effort to be advocates for the unborn.
As the church, we can make a difference by sharing with our culture the biblical teachings regarding the sanctity of human life.
Psalm 139 was selected for this lesson to challenge us to value every human life from conception to the end of natural life.
Through David, God communicates our precious value to Him by describing His detailed knowledge of our actions and thoughts (Psalm 139:3).
These verses are not just a comfort to us but a reminder that each person is valuable to God.
It helps to pause a moment and think about the people you encountered in the last few days.
Did you treat each one as if they are a valued human being whom God created? If not, then we can be challenged to ask God to show any “offensive way” in our heart and make a new commitment to see each and every life as worth relating to (Psalm 139:7-10, 23-24).
David was able to confidently express that there is not one single place in heaven or on earth that would place a person outside of the presence of God. God is there to lead and to hold (Psalm 139:10).
As my children have grown into young adults, they are no longer the age of holding my hand as we cross the street or enter a new situation.
They are driving, working and spending the majority of their hours away from my presence.
Yet, I am very aware that they are constantly in the all-knowing presence of God who will lead them and hold them. 
As we walk with the Lord, may we renew our commitment to value each person with whom we interact and those yet to be born.
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