Explore the Bible Lesson for January 28: Incomplete Picture
January 9 2018 by James Zik, associate pastor, Beach Road Baptist Church, Southport

Focal passages: Acts 18:24-28; 19:1-7
“I would tell Him I do the right things” was the response I received to the question, “If you died today and God asked you why He should let you into heaven, what would you say?”
I sat there surprised, not by the answer, but because this person and her unbelieving husband had been members and taught in churches before! They had obvious gaps in their understanding of the gospel.
That day marked the beginning of a spiritual journey for them.
Over the next few months, I went to this couple’s house regularly to teach the gospel more clearly. I came to learn that she was indeed a believer but had an incomplete understanding of salvation. He, on the other hand, would for the first time make a commitment to follow Jesus.
This was a 21st century example of what occurs near the end of Acts 18. Readers are introduced to a man named Apollos, who had knowledge of the scripture (v. 24). He was accurate about many of the things he said (v. 25), not unlike the wife in the story above. Yet, there were still things he needed to learn as Priscilla and Aquila’s introduction to the story tells us.
They took Apollos aside and “explained to him the way of God more accurately” (v. 26).
Each person is in one of two categories: lost or saved. They are either a follower of Jesus or not. If they are spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1), then our job is to share the gospel with them.
For the believer, we have an opportunity to spur them onto spiritual growth; showing them what it means to walk with Jesus more clearly by correcting any misconceptions about God’s Word.
The great news is that there isn’t a person on the planet who has it all figured out.
Every believer still has gaps in their knowledge and level of commitment. Like Priscilla and Aquila, we can help bridge that gap!

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