Explore the Bible Lesson for August 5- Trivial Pursuit
July 19 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passages: Judges 13:1-16:31
I recently read a story about a banker who was driving his BMW through the mountains in a snowstorm. As he rounded the corner the car swerved out of control and went over the edge of the precipice. At the very last minute he was able to unbuckle his seatbelt and jump to safety. Although able to jump to safety, his arm got caught in the car door and was ripped off. A passing trucker stopped to run to his aid. The young banker was looking over the edge saying, “My BMW, my BMW!” The trucker looked at his missing arm and said, “Buddy, you’ve got a much bigger problem!”  The young banker glanced down and immediately began to cry out, “My Rolex, my Rolex!”
We might laugh at this story, however we too can get caught up in the trivial pursuits of the world.
God has gifted us to be able to minister in His Name. Each one of us fills a spot that He designed us for. And by designing us to fill these special spots, we have the responsibility to use those gifts He has given us. Jesus taught, that to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).
God’s blessings that are to be used in His service are often outside of our natural talents. He gives us opportunities to serve where we will be uncomfortable, or feel ill equipped, so that which happens will pass the glory to Him.
We turn from these opportunities and chase after trivial matters.
After a while of “playing” with what God has given, He allows us to become insensitive. We reach a point where our fellowship with God changes, God stops working through us, and we don’t even notice.
We never lose our position in Christ, however we do lose our power in Him. And, we begin to feel that it is all about the physical things around us.
We lose sight of calling and cry out over our “BMW” or “Rolex.”
We stop walking by faith, and start living by sight. The trivial trumps the trenchant.
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