Bible Studies for Life Lesson for July 26: Return to Your First Love
July 14 2015 by Manny Prieto, lay pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh

Focal passage: Revelation 2:1-7
Have you ever been in a rut? I’ve been there, going through life as a mere passenger in someone else’s car, repeating patterns that used to mean something, but now are just routine.
It’s a tragic place to be, whether it’s true of a job, a relationship or some other aspect of life. What’s truly frightening about this, however, is that it can be true of our spiritual life, and often without even realizing it.
One of the benefits of spiritual disciplines is that over time, they become ingrained into the very fabric of our lives.
 Yet if we’re not careful, this benefit can easily become a liability. We may find ourselves doing all the right things without the necessary heart motivations driving the actions.
Standing firm in our faith and rightly believing and understanding doctrine are important aspects of our spiritual walk, but they are not the full picture. It is not simply enough that we never deny the faith and that we believe what is true about God and the gospel.
Divorced of an impassioned heart that loves Christ, the actions become mere religious repetition, lacking any real substance.
Let’s be clear here: actions do not save us, therefore any action that is not motivated by a deep love for Jesus and a desire to obey Him ultimately falls short.
This is what God is getting at in this passage.
Actions are important but they are not saving. Actions generally flow forth from what is in the heart. But if we are not on guard, our actions can just be empty shells.
What are we to do then? Don’t despair because God offers mercy and grace.
First, we remember what we lost, and then we repent of having lost it. Finally, we return to our first love, the Savior Himself! Without that love we are salt that has lost its taste.

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