Explore the Bible Lesson for July 30: His Faithfulness
July 11 2017 by Emily Carter, member, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passage: Psalm 146:1-10
Recently I attended a memorial service where the pastor began his sermon by sharing that we all had one thing in common with the deceased. At some point in our lives we will face death. The author who penned Psalm 146 shared this perspective, but wanted to live life to the fullest by expressing his praise of God Almighty.
We can praise God because He is worthy of it. He deserves our praise.
Praise is powerful. Praise defeats discouragement. Praise focuses our thoughts on God. Praise prepares us to receive what God has for us. Praise changes our perspective on life.
The Psalmist understood all of this and sought to warn us that it is not mortal men who save; neither can the things of this earth that we work so hard to attain.
It is God who is our help and our hope. He is the one that holds the power to create and change our circumstances. He is able to make something from nothing.
He is the one who lifts up the head of the down-trodden. The Lord produces the miracles and takes care of the needy. God is faithful to remain true to Himself. He will not go against His character. God reigns now and forevermore.   
If you want to live life well then become a person of praise. Praise the Lord for who He is. You can simply pray Psalm 146 back to the Lord if you are having a hard time thinking of something for which to praise Him.
Praise God for a time when He has helped you through a difficult time or given you hope (v. 5). Praise Him for His creation (v. 6). Praise Him for a time He upheld your cause or set you free from bondage (v. 7). Praise the Lord for a time when He has watched over the weak (v. 9).
As Christ’s followers we have much for which to praise the Lord!

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