Bible Studies for Life Lesson for June 27- When I Make Poor Choices
June 18 2010 by Dale Austin Jr., associate pastor, Wakeminster Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focal Passages: 1 Samuel 8:6-9; 12:13-25  

We are presented with choices every day of our lives. Some choices are so minor that they really make no overall difference in our lives. Other choices can have a major impact not only on our life but also the lives of our families, friends, and even our entire country.

For a number of years, my wife and I worked as weekend house parents for a Christian maternity home for unwed women. Initially, this was an eye-opener for me.  

Many of the girls were in their teenage years who had made irresponsible choices, but their final choice to keep their child showed maturity beyond their years.

What started with a very bad choice because “everyone else was doing it” ended for many of them with an eternity-changing event.

Many of the young women become believers in Christ during their stay. Our Bible study for this week again focuses on Samuel who is now an older man.

The people of Israel begin to clamor that they want a king to lead them, so that they can be just like everyone else around them.

Samuel was hurt that the people wanted new leadership after he had been providing a strong spiritual example to them for so many years. Samuel thinks to himself that this request is sinful on the part of the Israelites but he decides to pray to God for guidance regarding the Israelites’ request.

God reaffirms Samuel explaining that the people are not against Samuel, but they are actually rebelling against God.

Since Samuel speaks for God, Samuel is slowly being pushed to the side too. Samuel warns the people about their request for a king and cautions that there will be some very serious consequences as a result of having kings.

God does grant their request and gives them Saul to become their first king, but Samuel does not just leave their poor choice alone. He emphasizes to the people that they need to continue to fear the Lord and obey Him. If the people continue down their current path and disobey the Lord and rebel against His commands, then the nation will reap some serious consequences.

This study stresses a number of things for us in our daily lives:
  1. Choices in life always carry consequences (good or bad).
  2. God wants us to trust in Him, and He will guide us to make correct choices.
  3. Just because “everyone else is doing it” does not necessarily mean it is a good choice to follow them.  
  4. Even if we do make poor choices, God is still in control and is waiting for us to turn back to Him.
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