Explore the Bible Lesson for June 17- The Accountability Dare
June 4 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passages: Joshua 7:1-12:24
You see on a lot of commercial vehicles a sign that reads, “How’s my driving?” and includes a phone number. This is supposed to keep the driver accountable. I was reading that in Ireland they have a number of roundabouts instead of traffic lights. People are very courteous and let others in. That is, except for one group they call the “white van men.”
They drive unmarked white company vans, and they don’t care what havoc they may cause. Because without a company name or logo, they are anonymous. If God were to place a sign on your back that asked, “How am I living?” what would people say about you?
Our culture today (and sadly to say, even the church) has lost a sense of what sin is. The world is constantly seeking to relabel what the Bible calls sin as an illness of genetic defect. Why? Because if the person is “diseased” or has a genetic defect, then what they do is not their fault. They can’t be held accountable for it, can they?
Actually, in a sense the Bible pictures us as having a genetic defect – we have a sin nature given to us by our parents. We are born with this malignant growth that resists anything done to it. The only solution is to take it seriously and seek the only true course of treatment that will eventually eradicate it.
A person can deny that they have a malignant growth, however denial will not change the course of the disease.
Denying our sin nature will not change the results of our destination. It is only when a person accepts the diagnosis and course of treatment that change can come about.
Only when we accept God’s diagnosis can we go to the Great Physician and find the final cure.
The cure of our disease is very costly. And there is only one physician capable of providing the cure. We must accept the responsibility and become accountable to God – and His remedy. We are held accountable for the choice we make. Accept the cure, or pay the consequences.
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