Explore the Bible Lesson for June 24- The Loyalty Dare
June 7 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passages: Joshua 13:1-22:34
During the mid-20th century one of the most well-know logos was the one used by RCA Victor Recordings. It was a picture by an English artist Francis Barraud of a dog listening to a recording of his owner’s voice. The dog’s master had died, and every time they played a record of his master’s voice, the dog would go and sit in front of the gramophone and listen.
This is a picture of what true life-long loyalty is like. It didn’t matter that the dog couldn’t see his master’s face; as long as he heard the voice he would sit and listen. This is a vivid and challenging picture for those of us who claim Jesus Christ as our Master.
God has given us a recording of His voice in the Bible. When we open it’s pages we get to hear His wonderful voice speaking directly to us.
Yet it seems that the dog mentioned above had more sense and loyalty to it’s earthly master than we do to our precious Lord and Savior.
True loyalty is not a short-term arrangement. True loyalty doesn’t hinge upon whether we like what we hear. It is consistent at all times.
Today, people base loyalty on what is convenient for them. If they are happy, content, and having all their needs met – then they will be loyal.
We all know people, who, when things are not going the way they like at church just go down the road to the next one. Soon, things don’t go their way at that one either.

Sadly we can share stories of people who have been committed servants of Christ after many years of service just gave up and quit. Most of the time it is over trivial issues.
Caleb in our lesson today was promised by Moses an inheritance in the Promised Land.

He held on to that promise throughout the 40 years of wandering. He never lost faith in God, and even after all those years, he stayed loyal to God. Today, find a senior saint who has stayed loyal and thank them.
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