Explore the Bible Lesson for July 7: Am I on the Right Path?
June 20 2013 by Wayne Proctor, pastor, Eure Baptist Church

Focal Passages: Job 33:13-22; 36:8-12
Chuck Colson was desperate. In an attempt to make sense out of his life he visited a friend, Tom Phillips, who at that time was chairman and CEO of Raytheon, a major player in missile defense systems.
Colson would become embroiled in the Watergate scandal fallout in a few months, but now he wanted some peace of mind and spirit, qualities he saw in his friend. Phillips explained that until the last few years his life was also getting out of control.
At the age of 40 he had become the head of a major U.S. company, and by all appearances was successful.
He had a wonderful family, plenty of money, but the non-stop work was getting to him. He would often pace the floor of his study all night long because he could not sleep.
Then while in New York City, Phillips noticed that Billy Graham was preaching in Madison Square Garden. He went, and exited a changed man. He accepted Christ in his life, and he encouraged Colson to do likewise.
Later that night, alone in his car, Colson committed his life to God as best as he knew how. Today we know of Chuck Colson as one of the most significant Christian leaders of the past three decades. He found the right path for his life, and until his death last year, was uncompromising in his faith.
At this point in Job’s life, his three friends had given their best efforts to convince Job of his guilt. They had failed. Now a younger observer, Elihu, confronts Job with a passionate and angry response. Here is a summary of Elihu’s argument: God speaks and sometimes we don’t notice. He warns us to turn away from evil actions and pride.
When there is repentance, God spares one’s soul from the pit, from crossing the “river of death.”
The implication is that Job is on the wrong path, that he has somehow missed God’s rebuke. Happiness and prosperity come to those who are right with God (36:11).
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