Bible Studies for Life Lesson for June 14: Be Confident in God’s Power
June 2 2015 by Manny Prieto, lay pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh

Focal passage: Joshua 3:7-17
Imagine Joshua’s predicament: What if God had called you, as the brand new leader of a large multitude, to lead the entire congregation to the edge of the river with the expectation that the waters would part and you would all be able to cross? How would you muster the courage to even take the first step toward the water?
Often, we tend to think of our leadership roles as our accomplishment. “My skill got me this position, and it’s my reputation on the line!” Yet Joshua’s crossing of the Jordan paints a strikingly different picture of leadership for us.
Why was Joshua so seemingly fearless in commanding Israel to march through the Jordan? If he had been relying on his own ability to lead them across, he would have been better off commanding them to figure out a way to make kayaks out of sand! Joshua was aware of the meaning and purpose of his leadership; His leadership was not for his own name’s sake, but for the glory of God.
In much the same way, we need to continually be reminded that our leadership, whatever its form or context, is not meant to bring us glory. It’s meant to put on display the wonder and majesty of our King! When faced with adversity and trials, does your leadership reflect that your hope and trust are rooted in what Christ has done and is doing? Or do you despair at the thought of your name being maligned – or worse – forgotten?
Leadership is not easy. It’s not often comfortable or glamorous, despite appearances. With responsibility comes pressure and stress. Why not rest on the infinite strength of the Almighty?
Joshua lead with confidence in the power of God, having seen His mighty works in the wilderness. We too can lead with confidence in God’s strength and character. We have His promises, and we have seen His mighty works. What mightier work than His decisive defeat of sin and death by His own death and resurrection?

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