Bible Studies for Life Lesson for July 2: Share Christ
June 13 2017 by David Crowther, pastor, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Pittsboro

Focal passage: John 1:35-49
As a child I remember my pastor, Bob Marcaurelle, always saying, “Christianity is just one generation from extinction.” He was right; we have a faith meant to be shared. 
We do not mind sharing good news with friends and family. We recommend restaurants, businesses, doctors and even churches if we have had a positive experience in these places or with these persons. 
On the other hand, many Christians say that Jesus is “the best thing that ever happened to me” but never recommend Him to a friend or family member. 
We must share Christ with others by telling them what He has done for us and inviting them to meet Him.
In just a few short verses, John the evangelist paints a picture of how we are to share Christ. 
First, John the Baptist introduces two of his disciples to Jesus (John 1:35-36). Then, one of those disciples, Andrew, introduces his brother, Simon Peter, to Jesus (John 1:40-42). 
Likewise, another man, Phillip, met Jesus (John 1:43) – possibly because of the testimony of Andrew and Peter – and immediately he found his friend, Nathaniel, and introduced him to Jesus (John 1:43-46). 
It is clear that Christians must pass on their faith – your experience with Jesus cannot stop with you. 
Not long ago I had the honor of officiating at my own grandmother’s funeral. When I was a child, my grandmother shared Jesus with me and prayed that I would meet Jesus. Although she suffered from Alzheimer’s for the past decade, I will never forget her godly Christian witness for so many years. 
As I flipped through her worn and tattered Bible, I found where she had recorded her own testimony of faith that involved how she heard the gospel from others. On the next page, I saw my name – along with the names of my brother and cousins – along with the date of my salvation. 
My grandmother’s Bible reminded me that though nearly 20 centuries have passed since Jesus rose from the dead, the faith has been kept alive as it has been passed down from generation to generation. Pass it on by sharing Christ with others.

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