Explore the Bible Lesson for July 9: The Creator
June 27 2017 by Emily Carter, member, University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte

Focal Passage: Psalm 95:1-11
Before the sun rose, I began the drive to my first computerized tomography (CT) scan to check for advancing cancer. I was going by myself because I thought I could handle it.
My husband wanted to go with me, but somehow I convinced him that we would need to use his vacation days later on that year. I didn’t realize how much fear I had wrapped up inside me.
I told God, “I can’t do this.” Then I looked up and saw a huge full moon. God’s Spirit said. “I AM a big God.” That is when I knew the God who created that huge moon could handle my cancer. I worshiped Him with songs and prayers of praise as I drove.
Psalm 95 encourages us to worship the Lord. The invitation is for all to come and celebrate the Lord with joy, thanksgiving and song.
I invite you to read through Psalm 95 and make a list of the different names of God. For instance, in verse one He is called “the Lord” and the “Rock of our salvation.” In verse three “the great God” and “the great King above all gods.”
What do the descriptive names of God make you think and feel?  Do they promote your heart to worship?
The posture of our worship will take on various forms. In corporate worship, we must be careful not to judge others who worship differently from ourselves. God is most concerned about the posture of your heart, not whether you kneel, raise your hands, close your eyes or stand still.
The humility of your heart in contrast to the majesty of God should allow you to take on a posture that is pleasing to Him. He longs for us to humble ourselves.
Today is the right time to begin worshiping the Lord. Psalm 95:7b-8 says, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts …” Worship the Lord today. Bless Him today with your worship for He is worthy.

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