Bible Studies for Life Lesson for July 7: The Samaritan Woman: Faith Worth Sharing
June 25 2019 by Randy Mann, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal passage: John 4:10-18, 28-30
There are few things more exciting than watching new life shine forth from a new follower of Jesus. I had the privilege of leading a man to Christ just a couple of months ago. I met him the next evening to begin discipling him and was encouraging him to begin to tell others about how Jesus had changed his life.
He quickly replied, “I just did that last night!”
He then proceeded to tell me about a guy he saw who was sitting alone and who seemed to be really down. He said, “I just went over and started talking to him. I told him about what my life had been like and how it was different now. I even gave him the little booklet [3 Circles tract] that you gave me.”
No one had yet told my new brother that he should share Jesus with others. I didn’t have to. He encountered the living Lord, received life in Christ and couldn’t help but talk about it.

Such was the case with the Samaritan woman.
In the midst of her sin, which separated her from God and others, she encountered Jesus Christ. She came to draw physical water from a well, but instead received living water from Jesus and received new life in Him. What happened next? She ran back to her village and said, “You’ve got to come meet this One that I have come to know.”
Jesus had not taught her any evangelism strategies, methods or programs. He just gave her new life, and she had to share it.
That’s how God’s Kingdom growth plan works. He transforms lives as people repent, believe the gospel and then He sends them to carry this gospel message of a life-giving Lord to others.
I don’t mean to suggest that evangelism training is unimportant. It is very important.
However, we should never use “I need more training” as an excuse for not sharing what we already know.
Has Jesus changed your life? Are you being intentional about sharing Him with others?

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