Bible Studies for Life Lesson for April 11- The Right Stuff
March 30 2010 by A. Shane Nixon, Director of Church and Community Relations, Baptist Retirement Homes

Focal Passages: 2 Corinthians 2:14-17; 3:4-5,18; 4:1-2,5-6,16-18

People are insecure about the darnedest things. I’ve known virtual geniuses on the ivories who will claim they can’t play piano at all and will break into a sweat when asked to play Christmas carols for their own families. My mom is a wonderful cook. But ask her how she does it and she’ll clam up and turn away as if she’s scared you are a food critic. And while we are on the subject, it seems people are not insecure about some things that perhaps they have reason to be. 

As Baptists, we hold the doctrine of “priesthood of the believer” as near and dear as just about anything. As Christians we accept that we have a responsibility to be the “hands and feet of Christ” in the world. But with what reverence do we take the tasks of being ministers of the gospel? I am afraid that far too often the simple answer is “not enough.” 

In writing to the Corinthians, Paul starts with the premise that none, alone, is worthy to be a minister of Christ. He quickly adds however, that through Christ, all can be. It is a solemn responsibility, one we must NOT take lightly. Only when we realize our dependence on Christ, can we truly understand what it takes to be His ministers here on earth. 

A minister friend of mine tells a wonderful story of a dinner date he and his wife had with a surgeon friend of theirs and his wife. In the town the couples lived in, on the day of the planned date, there was a terrible automobile crash.

The surgeon spent hours that day operating on as many as 4 or 5 different people. My friend, who was pastor of the doctor’s church, called to say it was OK if the stress of the day had caused the surgeon to need to postpone their date.

The surgeon, with a laugh my friend recounts as “almost silly,” asked why his pastor thought that necessary.

The surgeon said, “Nonsense, I had in my hands only their lives. Every Sunday, preacher, you hold the eternal destinations of hundreds on your every word.”

Paul reminds this early church in chapter 4, verse 2 that we have this ministry, and we must not rely on our craftiness or deceit, but rather, just the truth. To be ministers of the gospel, we must be dependent on the gospel.  
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