Bible Studies for Life Lesson for March 28- When Worship Dishonors God
March 15 2010 by A. Shane Nixon, Director of Church and Community Relations, Baptist Retirement Homes

Focal Passages: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Have you ever heard that old saying, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees?” I suppose it can be used in many contexts, but it almost always means the same thing — at least I think.

That is: we should not get caught up in minor details and miss a bigger point. Paul suggests to the Corinthians that worship can be a “forest for the trees” kind of thing too. If we get so caught up in the ritual, traditions, and customs of a part of worship, we can miss the bigger point of worship’s purpose, that being to honor God. 

My first experience in a Catholic church left me with so many questions, but none more essential to my mind on that day than the one I had about “Holy Water.”

I walked in with my (now) wife and father-in-law, both of whom had been Catholic for years and knew every ritual of their faith.

Each dipped a hand in the trickle of water which was located just inside the door. Each took the dampened hand and made a sign of the cross before proceeding into the sanctuary. I didn’t get it.

I had no idea why the water was holy. And I refused to let the question go.

I completely missed the rest of the service trying to ask and have answered an insignificant question. I have no idea what was sung, preached or prayed, for the rest of the day. Whether I agree with this church’s custom, or that one’s worship devices should NOT keep me from worshipping.

How frequently (or infrequently) one church does communion or what things are sacred parts of the apparatus of a particular service may, in fact, be good questions. It is possible I would decide my “preference” or style of worship based on exactly these kinds of things. But these should never determine whether I worship or not. 

While worship is often done corporately, each of us has individual responsibility for our own praise of God. Nothing should keep us from glorifying Him with our worship.   
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