Bible Studies for Life Lesson for April 17- Receive Comfort - Give Comfort
March 31 2011 by Jim Grieme, pastor, Watkins Chapel Baptist Church

Focal Passage: 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

In 2 Corinthians 1:1-11, the overwhelming idea communicated is this: not everything is about us.

In other words, it is not all about me. God, being the “God of all comfort,” grants us comfort so we might be able to comfort others. 

Paul intimates the sufferings we face are but an “overflow” of the suffering Christ Himself faced.  

Paul is instructing those of us to view our sufferings as an opportunity to minister to those who are suffering.

At first glance we might be tempted to say, “You’re kidding, right?”

For many of us, just surviving whatever is afflicting us is tough enough!

Now Paul wants us to view this as a “study hall prep class?”

I grew up in Illinois. Because of this, I have experienced many tornadoes in the middle of the night when our parents would wake us up and either carry us or drive us to a storm shelter.

One of the things I distinctly remember is that my dad always placed himself between the opening in the storm shelter and the rest of us. I knew even then how destructive tornadoes were, but my dad was communicating to us they would go through him first. We might get wet, or blown on, but we would only get whatever overflowed off of my dad. Is what Paul is communicating difficult? Yes, it is unbelievably difficult. Is it possible to survive such ordeals?

Only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paul said Christ stood in the way of all of the affliction and suffering first: “as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us.”

Where is Jesus when a parent or child dies? Where is he when our spouse is told they have inoperable cancer? Where is Christ when madmen fly a plane into a building trapping hundreds of people?

He is there, accepting the full-blow of the pain and only allowing us to receive, according to Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:13 says, “(God) is faithful, and He will not allow (us) to be tempted beyond what (we) are able.”

If everything Jesus did during His earthly ministry was done for the glory of God, should we not remind ourselves that everything in an obedient believer’s life accomplishes the same thing? Let us remind ourselves of the grace given to us, so in turn, we may give it to others. Since every experience we have is custom made for our lives, those same experiences enable us to minister to others for God’s glory.

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