Bible Studies for Life Lesson for April 15- Jesus Lives in Believers
March 29 2012 by Jeff Meyer, associate pastor of education, Bay Leaf Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focus Passages: John 15:1-5; Romans 6:1-7; Galatians 2:19b-21
The focus of Christianity is not a dying Savior but one that is living and indwells each believer. We have been crucified with Christ, we have been raised with Him, we have been reconciled with God, and we are to now grow in Christ. While we are to continue to fight sin via Christ’s resurrection power, we are not doing it alone. We should live for Him as our living hope.
Paul proclaims that believers have been crucified with Christ, we no longer live, and it is Christ who lives in us (Gal. 2:20a). We are to no longer live for ourselves, our own desires, or our own agenda. Is there evidence in your life to demonstrate that you do “live by faith in the Son of God (Gal. 2:20b)?” Our life’s testimony should give evidence of the Savior’s ownership of our life. By faith we have been given the right to be called children of God, and so we willingly give up the right to the throne of our own lives because we are no longer king; Jesus is. Max Anders said it this way: “I have crucified my right to self-control in life, in the same way that Christ gave up his right to physical life; I gave up my right to self-life.”

Each believer has been raised with Christ and is no longer enslaved by sin. Sin is no longer master; Jesus is. We have been given freedom to walk in a new way of life; our chains are gone. We died to the old life.
Jesus’ death and resurrection were God’s final remedy for sin. Death has no mastery over Him, and no longer governs us either through our salvation. We are now drawn to righteousness.
Our new reality as believers leads us away from sinning. Believers are marked by Christian living. Expect difficulties as Satan is our foe looking to destroy each believer. Pray for strength to defeat temptation the next time you face it. Be thankful for his transforming work in your life.
Remain in Jesus, and He will remain in you. That’s how we will bear fruit; fruit that will remain.
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