Explore the Bible Lesson for April 15- Christianity 103- Meet Needs
March 29 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passage: Luke 9:1-50
A school principal noticed that many of her children came to school on Monday mornings hungry. They had received breakfasts and lunches during the week, but on the weekend they received very little. This principal told a Christian lady what she had noticed and said that she wished there was a way to help.
Together, they decided on a plan to provide a bag of snacks for those most in need. What started as a way to help a small number of students branched out to include all the schools in the county and now regularly provides about 600 bags a week to these in need. Many now help with this ministry.
These bags, called “Jesus Bags” because they have “Jesus Loves You” printed on them, are eagerly anticipated by the children.
How did this ministry come about? It started because one lady had the heart of Christ and saw a real need. Just as the disciples saw a need that day with Jesus, she looked at the hungry around her. The disciples’ reaction was that the need was so great they couldn’t meet it. They said send them away. Because the need was overwhelming, they didn’t even begin to meet it.
We are often guilty today of looking at the need – seeing how large it is – and then turning away without doing anything.
We need to not focus on the need – we need to focus on God. We may not be able to help everyone, but what can we do for the ones God places in our path? Are we looking for opportunities God has for us?
Instead of helping the one, we often help none.
The lady mentioned earlier trusted God to provide for a small number. He in turn has opened many doors of funding and provision for this vital ministry in our county. She never has too much, but He always provides what is needed when it is needed.
What are you, your Bible class, your church able to do? What is your “Jesus Bag” that God will supply? Can you trust Him?
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