Explore the Bible Lesson for March 25- Christianity 101- Accept Others
March 12 2012 by Thomas Marshall, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Laurinburg

Focal Passage: Luke 4:31-37; 5:12-16
Every day at lunch, he sat by the window at a table by himself. He watched the other students playing outside. He was different. She rode the bus every morning and afternoon to work. Only when it was crowded would anyone sit down next to her. She longingly looked from face to face – seeking just a smile or nod. She was different. The old couple felt the looks as they carefully counted out their pennies for the rolls and coffee they were purchasing.
They were different. The young boy was mentally challenged and the others made fun of him and left him out. The young lady’s face was disfigured from an automobile accident. The older couple had little money after years of hard work with no retirement plan.
If we look around us, we can see people who are different, needy and hurting. If we understand that Jesus died for these people, we can develop the ability to see them as He does.
The gospel is about salvation of a person’s soul, the mission of Christ’s Kingdom is to reach, teach, win and mature people in the gospel.
Christ did this by showing compassion and care with those He came in contact.
I remember John. He was homeless, dirty, and had some mental challenges. He wandered in our church one Sunday seeking food.
The people began to reach out and provide for him. I’ll never forget the Wednesday night that with tears falling down his cheeks, he prayed and received Christ. The people accepted him as their Christian brother.
I got the call – John had died early one morning along the train tracks.
His homeless friends found him, and because he had been telling them about our church, they called us. I was privileged to preach his funeral.
Over 200 homeless and drug addicts were there. I was able to share the Good News of Jesus because we had cared for John as Jesus would.
We honor Jesus when we share the Good News of salvation while we seek to meet hurting people’s needs.
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