Explore the Bible Lesson for March 22: Compassion for the Lost
March 10 2015 by Lindsey Pope, Christ Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focal Passage: Obadiah 1:1-4, 10-17
The contention between Edomites and Israelites was legendary. Just as Esau and Jacob fought within Rebekah’s womb, so their respective descendants would fight for generations to come.
Obadiah might be the smallest book in the Old Testament, but the message is large: because Edom celebrated the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, rejoicing at their expense, God would judge them.
Instead of compassion, their hearts were full of pride and false security. The people assumed they had great wisdom, favor and protection.
But just as they had done to Israel, so God promised it would be done to Edom.
 Instead of caring for and protecting Israel like a brother, Edom boasted and gloated over the nation.
The people joined in ransacking Jerusalem with the intruders when it was weak, stealing goods and capturing survivors.
So God sent word through His prophet that He was ready to respond. He punished Edom for its pride and lack of compassion, and He showed mercy to Israel’s remnant. Christians, our God is merciful and He calls his people to act accordingly toward the hurting.
When we refuse, when we take pleasure at the pain of others like Edom, we are unlike God. He is just and tenderhearted, always seeking restoration and redemption.
Often we forget how merciful He has been to us, how forgiving and kind in our most hateful moments. Every thoughtless word and prideful intention is fully known by God, the One most offended by our sin.
Yet, God freely chose to send His Son to die for us and to send His Spirit to dwell within us.
So we do not grow weary in grace, we show compassion to the hurting.
We patiently endure, working hard to bring the lost from all nations to salvation in Christ through the proclamation of His holy Word, making disciples and then baptizing them into the restored, eternal family of God. 
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