Explore the Bible Lesson for April 9: Offered to All
March 21 2017 by Bartley Wooten, pastor, Beulaville Baptist Church

Focal passage: Matthew 22:1-14
As a pastor, I have the privilege to conduct a lot of weddings. Over the years, I have learned at least three important lessons about weddings that are applicable and reflective of our focal passage found in Matthew 22:1-14.
The first lesson is that weddings are important! I might be stating the obvious, but spend some time around families that have spent thousands of dollars to watch their child get married and let others treat it lightly. The atmosphere can become tense very quickly, and rightly so.
Now, turn the corner with me as Jesus tells the parable that is like the Kingdom of heaven (22:2). There was a king who gave a great wedding feast for his son. This is an extremely important event – eternal in scope – because the wedding feast is a picture of God doing all the work for Israel to enjoy His full blessings. However, when they refused to participate and even killed those bringing the invitation, God placed His judgment and wrath upon them.
How would you respond if you gave up your only son that others might enjoy your blessings and they chose to reject your invitation and ultimately kill your son?
The second lesson is that people always appreciate being invited to the wedding. This becomes more evident when you are the one not invited. I have seen numerous people’s feelings hurt when their invitation did not arrive.
I am glad Jesus’ parable teaches us that His “wedding feast” is open to all who are willing to come (22:9-10). I am grateful salvation is freely offered to everyone.
Lesson number three: the people providing for the special event hate a wedding crasher. Evidently, there was someone at Jesus’ wedding feast that chose to crash the party. The passage describes a person who was not wearing the proper wedding garment (22:11), which indicates that those who come to God must do so on God’s terms, placing their trust in Jesus alone, thus, escaping God’s eternal wrath.

Have you responded correctly to your wedding invitation from God?

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