Bible Studies for Life lesson for June 7- Purposefully Connected
May 26 2009 by Kenny Byrd, pastor, First Baptist Church, Sylva

Focal Passage: 1 John 1:1-2:2

When people see you having a good time they want to be a part of what you are doing.  This is a hard fact for many churches to realize, when the fellowship is good it will produce results.

It is definitely OK to have fun and be a Christian.

That does not mean that you have a “wild” party, whatever that definition might be, each time you come together.

However, it does mean that there is an intrinsic joy that is to be present when God’s people come together.

The writer in 1 John is sending a message to counteract false teachings that were present as the early church was establishing itself.

There were those who denied the true humanity of Christ, and 1 John opens with a strong statement of Christ’s divinity and His humanity as John experienced ministry alongside our Savior who was in existence from the dawn of time.

It is a solid theological foundation that allows believers to have the understanding to go into the world and stand against the false teachings of our present time.

Those who live in right fellowship with other believers or in the light as John calls it in verses 5-7 means that we will try to avoid sinful lifestyles.

This connection to others within the church helps to create a sense of accountability and connection so that our walk does not suffer from sin that could be a barrier to us and a stumbling block to others.  

The ultimate realization is that sin will creep into our lives and our fellowship.

The right thing to do is to confess that sin.

To stand before God and to brazenly say that we are without sin is to fool ourselves and to think God a liar. None are perfect, and sin will creep into our lives no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

The great and wonderful gift we have been given is that in confessing our sin we can be forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  

What greater gift could we require?

Fellowship within the body is of much greater importance than we realize.

When the world has the opportunity to see the church working together in a spirit of cooperation and unity it sends a positive message to the surrounding society.

Instead of seeing our squabbles over power struggles and personal agendas it is much more powerful to show a passion for the one that, “. . . is the Word of life” (v. 1).

When true fellowship and connection is there people will want to enter the doors of the church and allow Jesus to enter their hearts.

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