Bible Studies for Life lesson for May 31- Philip Loved To Tell Others About Jesus
May 20 2009 by Kenny Byrd, pastor, First Baptist Church, Sylva

Focal Passage: Acts 6:2-3, 5a; 8:4-8, 26-31, 34-35; 21:8-9

We often share that of which we are proud. It can be seen as a parent brings out the photos of children to show to someone. I carry a family picture in my billfold with Shelley and all three of our children smiling at the camera happily. I want to have it ready when I have the opportunity to speak to someone that I have not seen recently. I am often asked, “How’s the family?” and I can show them, not just tell them.  

As a part of the body of Christ we are called to have an unashamed pride in Christ that calls us to share Him with the world by showing and telling. One such person was Phillip in the scriptures as we see him chosen as one of the seven in Acts 6:1-7 when a misunderstanding arose concerning the serving of Greek widows at the table. They were being overlooked and the Apostles realized that assistance was needed.

The congregation looked amongst themselves and chose persons for these tasks within the body with three characteristics: good reputation, filled with the Holy Spirit, and filled with wisdom. The main point of their task would be service to the body and it would allow the Apostles to concentrate on teaching the Word.  

Following the choosing of the seven Stephen became the first Christian martyr and persecution of the church became severe.

The early believers became scattered and Phillip went to Samaria to preach the gospel. His going to Samaria was quite amazing within itself considering the historical tension between the Jews and Samaritans, but in Acts 1:8 Christ Himself included Samaria in His commission. Many responded to Phillip’s preaching, believed and were baptized.  

We then find Phillip in chapter 8 of Acts in contact with an Ethiopian eunuch in the service of the Queen Mother of ancient Ethiopia. The eunuch is an official from a country that would be located in the present area of Sudan and was most likely traveling in a simple ox drawn cart. Phillip is led to the eunuch by the Holy Spirit and heard him reading from Isaiah about the “Suffering Servant” and Phillip takes the opportunity to discuss the passage with him and share the gospel message with him.

And finally in Acts 21:8-9 we see Paul stopping at Phillip’s house in Caesarea as he was returning to Jerusalem from his third missionary journey. Caesarea is where Phillip went following the event with the eunuch and he most likely founded the church there. This city was the seat of the governor of Judea and was 60 miles from Jerusalem as well.

In these verses we see a simple glimpse into the family of Phillip the evangelist, and his family. Not only was he ready to share Christ with others, but he had shared Christ with his family and now his daughters were given to the gift of prophecy, truth telling.

How proud of Christ are we today? May our life and words tell the truth of our pride!     

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