Bible Studies for Life Lesson for May 23- I Pledge You My Faithfulness
May 12 2010 by Dale Austin Jr., associate pastor, Wakeminster Baptist Church, Raleigh

Focal Passages: Matthew 5:27-30; Proverbs 5:15-21; 6:25-32  

Sex sells. I can’t even go and view one of the national news web sites without some side ad on the web site trying to get my attention for some questionable television show coming on tonight, prompting me to try some new online dating service for singles or married people, or to take a look at some new revealing clothing designs for the season.  

Everywhere we go, it seems that we are bombarded with temptations.

As our society comes to accept this, we can see how marital faithfulness is no longer a practice that is required. Just take a look around at our actors, actresses, political leaders, community leaders — faithfulness in marriage is the exception and not the rule, but just because our society has that viewpoint does not mean that it is God’s viewpoint.

God’s standard still stands, and He calls for husbands and wives to be faithful to one another in a loving relationship under the leadership of Christ.

Jesus addresses the problem of marital unfaithfulness in Matthew 5.

Adultery starts with a deep desire or longing which is the original meaning of lust.

To lust in our hearts is the beginning of mental adultery, and Jesus warns us that lusting for another person can be just as destructive as the physical act of adultery.

In Matthew 5, we see where Jesus warns us of this and that it is a very serious issue in which to become involved. In fact, it is so serious that Jesus says that if our eye should offend us, then we should go ahead and remove it instead of staring down the path of lust and eventual physical unfaithfulness. 

Now, Jesus was not being literal when He said to remove your eye, but He was trying to stress how this sin can sneak into our lives and poison our relationships with our spouse, children, and friends.  

The Bible is not silent about physical intimacy between a husband and wife. In many different passages the reader is advised that sexual intimacy is only between a husband and wife. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 5 that physical and emotional intimacy is only truly fulfilling between a husband and wife.

Solomon goes on in Proverbs 6 with the consequences of adultery — what appears fun and exciting like fire will only burn you in the end. Current statistics show that 34 percent of marriages that involve physical infidelity eventually end up in divorce — the husband, wife, children, and extended family are harmed because of the actions of a few.

How are we to apply these words of wisdom to our daily lives? First, we should take all precautions to guard against temptation.

This includes questionable conversations, very close emotional attachments to the opposite sex in place of the same emotional attachment that we should have with our spouse, and what we watch or read. Men crave physical intimacy; women crave emotional intimacy.

We are warned by Jesus to be vigilant; if the opportunity arises that may lead us astray, that we should address the issue immediately.  
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