Explore the Bible Lesson for May 18: Righteous Romance
May 6 2014 by Troy Rust, pastor, Florence Avenue Baptist Church, Oxford

Focal Passages: Song of Songs 1:7-8, 15-2:2, 15; 4:9-12
We don’t usually think of the words “righteous” and “romance” going together. Modern American culture usually depicts romance as sensual carnality that ranges from sentimentality to adultery.
Many Christians, especially young women, are moved to tears by sappy love stories that pull the heart strings while overshadowing obvious sins. Although Solomon’s wisdom eventually gave way to an obsession with women (700 wives and 300 concubines), the Song of Songs tells of romance that is God-honoring and pure.
When my wife and I were dating, we wanted to be together all the time. Good-byes seemed to take forever because we didn’t want to say good night.
Whether you prefer dating or courtship, they both serve the purpose of enjoying someone’s company and getting to know them.
Righteous romance guards this time to make sure that although intimacy and familiarity escalate, they do not cross the line of sexual impropriety.
When a couple allows such destructive “little foxes” (Song of Songs 2:15) into their romance, the relationship can become subservient to sexual immorality.
By contrast, a Christian man must be able to call his love “my sister” before he calls her “my bride” (Song of Songs 4:10), showing that they are both in Christ and pursuing Him above all else.
The romance of dating makes it easy to view your girlfriend as “a lily among the thorns” (Song of Songs 2:2), but marriage will test your perception of her beauty.
After beholding her with no make-up, hair standing up and teeth unbrushed, you’ll find out whether your concept of her beauty is only skin deep. If so, your marriage won’t be successful even if you stay together.

The 80-year-old couple that’s been married for 60 years and still holds hands in church knows something about true beauty. They see in each other a beauty that increases with time. Their lips may be wrinkled, but they still “drip honey” for the one they love (Song of Songs 4:11).
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