Explore the Bible Lesson for June 7: The Truth Presented
May 21 2015 by Michael Wilkes, pastor, New Life Baptist Church, Henderson

Focal Passage: 1 John 1:1-4
I moved to North Carolina almost four years ago. My wife and I were born and raised in Louisiana and graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU). I don’t run into many LSU Tigers fans here, but at my daughter’s soccer game recently someone noticed my purple and gold hat and yelled, “Go Tigers.” Of course we had a great conversation after that about our beloved team. He informed me about a group of alumni in the Raleigh area that meets regularly for things like watching ballgames and boiling crawfish. There is always camaraderie when I meet Tiger fans.
This collegiate camaraderie pales in comparison to the fellowship we are to experience as the church. John wrote his letter to the churches, in what is now Turkey, to invite people into this deep fellowship among those who truly know Jesus. John knew Jesus. He walked with Him, learned from Him, saw the miracles He performed, saw Him die on the cross and saw Him resurrected from the grave. John knew the truth about Jesus – that our Savior is fully God and lived fully as a man. It bothered John to see the gospel distorted by false teachers. He wanted people to know the real Jesus that he knew and loved. 
Yet, what is more troubling than distorted facts about Jesus? That so many, though they believe the right things about Jesus, do not truly know Him. God invites us to have fellowship with Him. Fellowship with Jesus means having an intimate relationship with Him. The benefits unique to this relationship include eternal life (v. 2) and fullness of joy in this life (v. 4). Our churches exist so we can celebrate and enjoy this fellowship with Jesus together, and as a result be his witnesses to our neighbors and the nations. God assembled us together to help each other know Jesus and make Jesus known to the world. This bond is stronger and even more exciting than the camaraderie between fans of the same team. Don’t let anything keep you from enjoying fellowship with Jesus and His church.

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