Explore the Bible Lesson for June 5: Answered!
May 19 2016 by Thomas Marshall, member, Spring Hill Baptist Church, Wagram

Focal Passage: 1 Samuel 1:10-18; 26-28
A town was suffering from a severe drought. A local pastor called for a town-wide prayer meeting to seek God for rain. The night of the meeting, the church was standing-room only. The pastor stood behind the pulpit and spoke these words, “You might as well go home. The prayers are not going to be effective.”
Outraged, the people wanted to know why. He replied, “Look around, where are your umbrellas?”
In our study today, we find Hannah, the wife of Elkanah, coming and pleading before God because she was unable to have children. In those days, a barren woman was held in disgrace. They thought that God was punishing her for some unknown sin.
She came to the Tabernacle at Shiloh as the family did each year. Verse 10 says that she was deeply hurt and cried many tears.
She knew the only answer to her dilemma lay in God, and Him alone. Her prayer was made in assurance that God would hear and answer her. 
Verse 18 tells us that when she had finished praying her countenance and spirit was lifted. She had faith that God heard her, and she could count on Him to do what was right.
This speaks to us today, we can come to God in faith with our heartaches, our fears, our desires, our frustrations and be assured that He listens.
He sees beyond just the words that we say, He sees our very being.
He knows what is best for us and what He plans for us. In His way and in His time, we can rest assured that He will respond.
Today, consider, “Where is your umbrella?” When you come to God with your prayers do you trust Him to hear? Do you believe that He can and will answer? If not, what hinders you from having faith in the One you approach?
Confess to Him your shortcoming and ask for His empowering grace to have the faith to believe Him.

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